OpenDelta brings scalable, sustainable, and transparent yield-bearing assets to DeFi. We do so by bridging CeFi liquidity into DeFi in a trust-minimized way, creating structured products that earn yield from the most liquid and efficient markets in crypto.

OpenDelta's products provide a source of sustainable yield that's not based on self-perpetuating token incentives or risky levered DeFi activity. Instead, we drive returns by tapping into real economic activity in the largest and most liquid markets in crypto. This provides a source of market-driven, sustainable yield for token holders.

These products have previously been unavailable for investors because they require highly liquid derivatives markets and sophisticated risk management strategies. OpenDelta manages these operations in a trust-minimized way and bridges the products on-chain to make them easily accessible.

OpenDelta's flagship product is the OpenDelta Perpetual Bond (OPB), a dollar-denominated on-chain asset with downside protection and continuously accruing yield. OPB doesn't require staking or complex DeFi gymnastics. Yield is paid out to all holders continuously, and the tokens are easily transferable and composable across Solana. With OPB you benefit from a simple transferable asset that remains liquid while providing you with continuous, market-driven yield.

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